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Reception enrolments

Pre Enrolment Form
At What Age Will My Child Start School?

Government primary schools have 2 major enrolment intakes from 2024, one for children at the beginning of the year (intake 1) and one for children to start school in term 3 (intake 2).

If your child turns 5 years old:

  • before 1 May they can start reception in term 1 of that year.
  • between 1 May and 31 October, they can start reception in term 3 (mid-year).
  • after 31 October they can start reception in the following year.

For further information please refer to the Department for Education website.


Visiting the School

 We organise school tours on a regular basis each term.  Please phone our school to book a tour to see the outstanding programs we provide. We can give you more detailed information about the school and answer general questions you may have as we tour the school.

When Do I Enrol My Child?

The first thing you need to do is fill in our pre enrolment form available at the school or to download above. For reception students please pre - enrol your child prior to or soon after they begin Pre-School. We prefer to know earlier so that we can cater for the Transition Program from Kindergarten to School.  We are currently unzoned but do have extreme pressure on our enrolment numbers. Local families will be prioritised for enrolment at reception.

Will My Child Have the Opportunity to Visit the School Before Actually Starting?

Yes, this is our Transition Program.

During the term prior to beginning school you and your child will receive a letter inviting you to attend on a number of occasions. These generally occur in weeks 7, 8 and 9 of term 4.On the first transition visit there is a parent meeting while  your child is in the classroom. The purpose of the meeting is for parents to hear general information about the school, meet the leadership team and engage with some of our senior students.  The children will be invited to visit the classroom where they will familiarise themselves with the school:

Classroom activities and routines

Yard play areas


Bag placement

As it is school policy to wear hats outside, children need to bring hats on “Transition Visits”. Our Reception teachers will visit our main feeder Pre-schools/Kindergartens to meet children prior to their visits.

Ongoing communication between School and Kindergarten supports transition for children. A summative report from the kindergarten will be given to the school about each child (with parental permission) to assist in the transition process.

What can I do To Help My Child Have a Successful Start?

Talk to your child about starting school, making new friends and learning new skills.    

Talk through any anxieties with your child.

Familiarise yourself and your child with the school environment.

Link with children at kindergarten who will attend the same school.

If you have concerns keep asking questions of the teacher or a school leader.

Get to know families of other children starting.

Talk about transition visits and about how Schools and Kindergartens have similarities  and differences.

Encourage your child to manage their clothes and look after their possessions.

Teach your child to manage themselves in the toilet.

Put your child’s full name on all things that are brought to school.

Help your child to recognise and begin to write their name.

Encouraging recognition of signs, letters and numbers also helps.

Give feedback to Reception teacher and discuss any concerns.

Practice eating a packed lunch and recess at home prior to commencing school.

Quickly establish a definite routine to leaving your child at school.

Be on time to collect them from the classroom.